In the Summer 2016 semester, I served as the co-course instructor alongside Brian Hou for CS 61A, the introductory computer science course. I was an undergraduate student instructor (UGSI, or TA) for CS 189/289A, the machine learning course at Berkeley, for the Spring 2016 semester. In the Fall 2015 semester, I was a UGSI for CS 188, the introductory artificial intelligence course. Before that, I was a UGSI for CS 61A for three semesters. My instructor ratings can be found here.


Brian Hou, Marvin Zhang, and John DeNero. Restaurant Recommendations. SIGCSE Nifty Assignments, 2016.

This is a project that I developed with Brian Hou and Professor John DeNero. In this project, students construct a visualization of restaurant ratings for restaurants in the Berkeley area utilizing the Yelp Academic Dataset, using both existing user ratings as well as predicting ratings by analyzing user preferences. This project teaches concepts such as data abstraction, lists, and dictionaries, and also serves as an introduction into the field of machine learning. This project was featured as a part of SIGCSE Nifty Assignments.